All Mighty Roofing are specialists in Loft Conversions in Chester and surrounding areas.

Loft Conversion


All Mighty Roofing want to help you make the most of the space within your home.The loft tends to be a storage place for unwanted items, but can be used as an extension of your living space. As it tends to run the length of the property, it also offers a large area with which to create rooms.

Extra space for the kids

As kids grow and mature, they need and crave their own living space. What better than to provide them with their own floor of the house? We can design funky bedroom and bathroom combinations which will give your kids room to grow and a place where they can take their friends, somewhere where they can make noise without annoying the rest of the household and somewhere where they can sample a degree of independence for the first time.

Extra space for adults

You'll be amazed at the views you get from a dormer window in a loft conversion and, if you're looking for somewhere to relax at the end of the day, somewhere to kick back and enjoy a glass of wine, then why not consider using your loft space as a dedicated lounge area. Not only is it somewhere where you can go for some deserved peace and quiet, but a dedicated loft lounge provides a unique place to do a little bit of socialising with friends.

Extra space for business

If you run a business from home or spend your working day at home then a loft based office provides a separate and peaceful working environment, away from the hustle and bustle of home life – a must if there are kids in the house. We can design a fantastic loft for home office use, installing sufficient power, light and ventilation required for day-long comfortable use.

Extra space for guests

A loft can also be an occasional room, a room for guests to stay and feel welcomed. With their own en-suite bathroom facilities, any guest will feel like they're being treated to something special when they spend a night in your loft conversion. If you're a regular at playing host then let's design something which will really wow your guests and leave them feeling like Royalty.

A lovely blank canvas

We can provide modern, traditional or contemporary designs for your loft – and it's a wonderful starting point because we have a blank canvas to work with. Please contact us for a free quotation.

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