Suffering with a leaking roof?

Need a flat roof repair?

Building a new extension?

All Mighty Roofing can help you! If you have a flat roof in need of repair or are looking to fit an entire new roof, All Mighty Roofing's flat roofing specialists have the knowledge and skill to determine the best solution for you.

The case against Felt Roofing:

Traditionally, flat roofs were protected from the elements with a layer of felt. However, this system has become deprecated and All Mighty Roofing are actively working to raise awareness about the disadvantages of felt, the main drawbacks being:

  • Short lifespan
  • Degradation due to UV light
  • Inability to withstand foot traffic.

For these reasons, All Mighty Roofing does not install felt roofing and recommend the latest solutions in flat & low slope roof technology. These environmentally friendly products have many advantages over felt.



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